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HPC World Premium subscription

Do you have time to read and monitor hundreds of HPC information sources each day? Do you get dozens of HPC e-mail  newsletters but do not have time to read them all? 

Do you know which companies are active in European funded projects, if they sold one of the big supercomputers?

If you know all this, then an HPC World Premium subscription is not for you. If you would like to have everything related to HPC information in one place, then an HPC World Premium subscription is what you need.

HPC World Premium subscription:

  • Provides you over 100 edited HPC news articles per month in your e-mail box
  • Access to over 2600 organisation descriptions
  • Access to information about 250 European funded HPC projects
  • Access to a news archive of 14.000 articles with 10 years of HPC news

In addition, there is information on 500 current supercomputers and an experimental services catalogue.

HPC World Premium does more than just providing this bare information:

  • At its core HPC World has an AI graph database. This allows to discover relations between organisations, projects, services and more.
  • We defined categories that help to zoom in on specific information that is relevant to you.
  • A sophisticated  Elastic Search powered search engine unlocks all the data in HPC World.
  • As a Premium subscriber to HPC World you can access tens of thousands of information items and news articles. Use the links on this site for full access.

We operate a news and information site on everything related to HPC In Europe: This is also searchable from within the overall Premium search engine.

And stay with us for the upcoming additions to HPC World Premium in 2020:

  • Expanded organisations' information
  • Funding and tender opportunities information
  • HPC information  about each European HPC country

Ask for a trial subscription today or ask for a quote for the yearly Premium subscription rate for your organisation.

Visit the Premium site if you have a login: